this is not the same revolution song




Nachdem es in der Türkei mit Pressefreiheit und freier Meinungsäußerung momentan nicht allzuweit her ist, ist es wichtig, alle inoffiziellen Kanäle zu nutzen, um Informationen und Meinungen an die Öffentlichkeit zu bringen.

Über Umwegen hat mich ein kurzes Statement aus der Türkei erreicht, das ich hiermit zur Lektüre gereiche.

this is not the same revolution song

There is a different kind of a revolution happening in Turkey.

In more than 60 cities an intriguing mosaic of people are flooding the streets.

For now they are demanding one simple thing:

For Turkish goverment to resign.

But as far as people are concerned that is only a beginning.

The bulk of the people gathered on the streets are young and anti-political.

They are weary and supremely frustrated of the bureaucracy and the political system that is constantly breeding corruption, back dealings, mass manipulation, doubletalks and a firm pathalogical sense of insincerity in all forms of communication. They feel that nothing is really going to change if the same mechanism of collective life management continues with a different operator. Even if this goverment does resign, the last thing these people want is going back to business as usual.

At the moment, in Taksim Gezi Park, they don't really have an alternative to the current system of power, yet they have an idea of where to begin. They begin with cleaning their streets inch by inch. They begin with feeding each other and the homeless in the vicinity. They begin with looking each other in the eye and getting familiar with what they see. They begin with singing and dancing in the park. They begin with calming and reasoning with each other when agent provocateurs try to sneak fear, unrest and revolt into the park. They begin with aiding the injured. They begin with opening their homes for shelter. And they begin with mutual respect & gratitude.

But the sense of uncertainty is very real. People are adamant in their stand for basic decency and a better life, But they don't have a gameplan. They are aware of the whole world's unrest and some are even daring to hope for a global chain reaction that would transform the economic and the political system into something that masses haven't been able to envision before.

It is not a mere coincidence that the spark that lit the flame, was a park and cutting of several trees. The symbol of this revolution is nature.

Because people are starting to believe that the way we live, have become "unnatural".

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